Now the little brother finally understood. He looked angry and even a little contemptuous and said, "Go to Nie Huoguo to find Ye Wangfu. What are you doing in our alliance with the West?"? I don't know, don't ask me. Then he walked away with a face of bad luck. I look confused. How did I get to Mengxi? This is not scientific. I asked several people in succession and got the same answer. I was looked at strangely by many people. I rode away quickly. This is the territory of Mengxi. I'm afraid I'll be beaten up if I ask any more questions. Walk all the way to ask, with my speed to Nie Huoguo do not know what year and month, I want to go to Weiluo for help, but I am not sure if he will help me, after all, he and Long Jiu Ye are hostile positions. I came to the imperial city slowly all the way. The imperial city of Nie Huoguo is not bad at all. The folkway is simple and enthusiastic. Looking at the gate of the palace, it's not so easy to find Weiluo. Forget it. I'd better walk slowly by myself. After I go back, I don't know what scene I'm facing. Long Jiuyan is destroyed. Long Jiuye doesn't know how it is. That Nie Huoguo is in a state of no leader, and has been made a mess before, I can imagine the whole country under a chaotic scene. Suddenly there was a noise behind me. I looked back and saw a luxurious carriage coming this way. The people around me were all worshipping and saying something. This is Luo Wang's carriage. I really want to see the appearance of Luo Wang. It is said that he is as amazing as the Night King of Nie Huoguo. But our Luo Wang is the best. He defeated the Night King of the God of War and became a myth. If he could marry Luo Wang, even if he was a concubine, I would like to.. One side of the young woman said a face of nymphomaniac, a lot of people gathered around to watch the fun, directly pushed me away, this is a good opportunity, missed it is not so easy to see, but in the face of the crowded crowd and noisy voice, how can I do this small body to let Wei Luo see me? The carriage passed in front of me helplessly. I was pushed around with the crowd. I didn't even have a chance to speak. I had no choice but to go back. Forget it. It's better not to owe a favor. There's no way to pay it back! I rode out of the city, dismounted to buy food, just saw the carriage stopped in front of the gorgeous mansion, I looked at the three words, took the food and turned away,Stainless steel foundry, a day of uncertainty about the life and death of Yichen, I can not live a good life, perhaps should not involve other people. Looking at the city gate, I resolutely galloped away from the horse's belly. In a trance, I seemed to hear the sound of a horse's hooves galloping behind me. I didn't care. But when the sound of a horse's hooves approached, one hand actually grabbed my waist. I was all taken away, and then landed firmly in a solid embrace. Looking back in amazement, I only saw the side face with clear water chestnut but some haggard.. l/book/40/40693/index.html Chapter 193 don't want to live in vain. He didn't speak and I didn't speak. I wonder why he recognized me. We didn't even see each other just now. How could he come after us? And in my memory, he is a neat freak who pays attention to his image. Why does he look so embarrassed now? He stopped in front of the house where the carriage had stopped, and took me down with him, and then I saw his face, which was not like the past, die cast light housing ,metal stamping parts, and his eyes with mixed emotions. I put up with the excitement and said indifferently, "Childe, what does this mean?"? Kidnapped in broad daylight? I have something important to do, so I won't joke with you. Then I turned around and walked away. I was afraid that I would be softhearted if I looked at him again. Now that I had asked for a nightmare, I would not be involved again. I know it's you. No matter what you become, I can recognize you. Why pretend I don't know you? Wei Luo said emotionally, his voice a little hoarse. I gritted my teeth and said, "You've mistaken me for someone else. I don't know you.". ” Body was suddenly hugged from behind, I suffocated, just want to struggle to hear him say in my ear: "I know you …" How do you explain that there is no other person in the world except to be so close to you? I was speechless, and then I remembered his old problem. It can be said that as long as he came into contact with people, even if he touched a little bit of unclean things, he would have a red rash all over his body. At that time, he recognized me in the palace of Yichen. Why are you sure it's me? What if it's not? We didn't meet just now, and I was masked or in men's clothes. How dare he rob people directly? Do you believe me when I say I feel? I sensed you were nearby, so I took a gamble, and it turns out I was right.. I'm speechless. Is that okay? I simply stopped pretending and turned around and said seriously, "So what if I am?"? I am a disaster star now, who touches who is unlucky, now that you have retreated completely, you should be your prince, don't talk to me any more. Wei Luo suddenly changed the subject and said, "I'd like to." Then suddenly directly put me on the shoulder to go inside, I was so angry, ah, struggling to see the outside has been surrounded by a lot of people pointing and saying something, I suddenly want to find a crack in the ground to turn in, two men in the street so high-profile quarrel, how to look at the painting style is not right. Wei Luo carried me directly to the room and pressed me on the chair. I said angrily, "Do you know what you are doing now?"? I want to go back, I want to save the dragon nine nights, he is now life and death is uncertain, Yichen do not know if he is still alive, as long as he lives a day, I will not have a good life, you can not be your prince with peace of mind? Let me go. "I went to the Yunling Palace, where the boundary is gone. At that time, I knew something had happened. I thought you had …" I didn't expect you to appear in front of me. Isn't this the chance that God gave me? Why should I let you go? As soon as Wei Luo changed his haggard and melancholy appearance, he changed back to the cynical handsome man before. Although he was 1.8 meters tall,car radiator cap, he looked feminine. I looked away awkwardly, afraid that I would be confused by him. I sincerely thanked him: "Thank you for rushing to save me, but I really have something important to do now. Can you please let me go?"? Or will you be more generous and send me back? 。 autoparts-dx.com