Hu Huahao's big hand, like a pair of pliers, had already been pressed on the shoulder of the dam. As soon as he exerted his strength, the strength of paralysis penetrated, and he displayed his throwing skills. He had to lift the dam! Has been paralyzed beside the mouth of the dam, but showed a sneer, it seems that in his mind, the use of skills to attack is a very fortunate thing! Old Hu Ruo's pliers-like palm had slid down rapidly. Hu Huahao's whole body bent down, pulled the ankle of the dam, and pulled him up from his feet and head. The body of the dam was thin and small. Being dragged and pulled by Hu Huahao, he really seemed to be more at the mercy of others. Wrestling! Start! Chapter 38 The Burning Valley Fang Lin and Lin Yinxiu quickly retreated, leading the fool to a rather narrow valley, and clapped his backhand on a big tree behind him! The tree immediately burst into flames, and the flames surged everywhere like a tide, burning all around into a sea of fire, apparently hastily arranged in advance, creating such a situation of fire attack. The "hissing" who rushed ahead looked at the Black Duke with an inquiring look in his eyes,stainless steel squatting pan, but saw the Black Duke shaking his head slightly, apparently indicating that there was no other ambush except for the flaming flames around. Hiss "put down the heart, sneer to continue to rush forward, he knows that Fang Lin is a fire control constitution, here deliberately to create a hot flame environment, should be to use the flame power of the surrounding environment at a critical time.". It is impossible to say that we want to burn them to death by this hastily arranged sea of fire that even ordinary people can escape! After Fang Lin two people rush to here, no longer retreats,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, then launched the confrontation with them here! Lin Yinxiu is already facing the "hissing" of synchronous step pressing! She knew that her personal attributes were only afraid of being completely suppressed by the strong man, one of the fools, so she replaced it with the silver plot weapon of + 10, the anger of Skorn, and adopted the method of mid-range attack, like a butterfly swimming with it. "Hiss" will be on the left arm of the rock out of the solidification of the giant arm waving tigerish wind, looks rampage, brutal incomparable, really is a combination of attack and defense. Lin Yinxiu frowned slightly, and she brandished Skorn's anger and cut sparks on the giant arm of the rock, which made her hands tingle. It can't be said that it can't be cut at all, but according to Lin Yinxiu's calculation, Time Delay Faucet ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, the hard rock arm of the outer layer should be cut. But the loss outweighs the gain, because the speed of "hissing" is above her, even if it takes a lot of trouble to break the giant arm of the rock, after he retreats, it is also a simple task to find time to rebuild one. Two people are currently in the exploratory stage, the purpose is very simple, is to grasp each other's basic attributes as soon as possible, to see where they have advantages. For Lin Yinxiu. She was carrying out Fang Lin's instructions. Trying to delay time, for the overbearing "hissing" wearing a white judo uniform, is to grasp the enemy's rules of action. Find out the habits of the other side, after the Black Duke displays the title skill that causes the physical defense to drop wildly, it will cause a terrible effect of killing with one hit! Fang Lin buried his head. As if meditating on something, he walked step by step to the Black Duke in a vast sea of fire like a leisurely stroll. Fanglin walked very slowly. Very steady, but after walking out of more than ten meters, there was a long burning footprint behind him! This oblique valley is not very wide, strictly speaking, Fang Lin is from the "hissing" side of the fierce fight with Lin Yin sleeve slowly walked past, the straight line distance between the two is less than ten meters. It seemed that although Fang Lin was within the enemy's attack range, he had no defense. And "Hiss" did not know whether he was pushed too hard by Lin Yinxiu or had great confidence in the Black Duke. Unexpectedly, there was no desperate move to attack him with the Black Duke. The Black Duke pestled with a stick of civilization. Wearing a bowler hat is very gentle and elegant standing in place, looking at the head buried in silence to the side of Lin light way: Do you want to fight me? Fanglin doesn't speak. It is still moving slowly, but when it starts, it gives people the illusion that it will not stop once it starts. And the flames burning around the Black Duke also rolled and rolled, if the sea was surging, it seemed to swallow up the elegant middle-aged man completely. But the Black Duke raised his civilized stick! His voice suddenly became ethereal, as if in an open and closed space, sound waves hit and crisscross everywhere. Therefore, although all around was the noise of the burning flames, it could not hide his gentle words at all. I'll give you what you want, but.. . Before that You have to catch the seemingly harmless mouse hiding in the dark first. . Kill !” As soon as the Black Duke's voice fell, the civilized stick in his hand flashed faintly. Fang Lin's pupils suddenly contracted, as if he had understood the meaning of the Black Duke's words. He wanted to look back, but he immediately realized that it might be the enemy's trick to lure the enemy. He continued to move forward, but he could feel that the speed of his advance began to increase. But the words of the Black Duke were not threats, but the truth! A little red laser guide point has been quickly reflected on a rock 400 meters away. Then The stars twinkle, Seem to converge to a point, from the sky to the ground suddenly appeared a connection between the cold light! The light was very straight, very thin, and soon turned from a thin shadow into a strong white light! In an instant, it changed from the size of chopsticks to the thickness of a water tank,Flush Retrofit Kit, and then it seemed to pierce the sky and the earth at the same time in an instant! Space-based ion cannon! In the violent explosion, the soil and dust were flying. The place where the red laser guide point was locked had already become a shallow pit with a diameter of ten meters. The original rocks and shrubs on the surface of the pit had been vaporized, and the fresh soil at the bottom of the pit had boiled up like magma. Vitreous crystals had also appeared on the edge of the surrounding pit!. cnkexin.com