149. In her bag, there was a lump of kohlrabi wrapped in wax paper, one by one, mixed with chili oil and sesame seeds. We hid behind the oleander tree next to the toilet, and she twirled a handful with two dirty fingers: mouth ~. I raised my head and opened my mouth wide, and she put it in my mouth. As I chewed, I was so happy that I blew my nose and said, "It's delicious!"! Then she also gave herself a pinch to eat, and then with me to spray snot bubble: Hee Hee, is delicious ha! 150. I still want to eat some, she said: "We can not eat all at once, to eat slowly!"! I nodded and flashed out from behind the oleander tree hand in hand with her. No one knows. We have kohlrabi in our bags. Only we know. We looked at each other, full of emotion. Year 2 (3) 151. On the way, she saw that I was good and hid behind the trash can and gave me another meal. 152. I can't live without Dukun anymore, and neither can she. www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM The third grade Little _ say t? Xt _ Heaven Grade 3 (1) 153. At the beginning of the new semester, basically everyone has to change a new set of stationery, watch each other on the first day of class, and evaluate them as "rich" or "poor". I am the richest this time, in addition to brand new stationery, foam stationery box also sprinkled with perfume, next to the mirror there is a frame in the heart-shaped self-adhesive inside the head of Cai Guoqing. But the good times didn't last long. An elder sister in the senior grade knew about it. She went straight into the classroom and picked it up and left. I didn't dare to take a risk. 154. I remembered that the perfume sprinkled in the pencil box was my uncle's "Xi Shi Lan Xia Lu" for body odor. 155. I really want to use an eraser completely from beginning to end, but this wish has never been realized. The fate of each of my erasers was tragic: less than half of them were poked by a ballpoint pen, cut by a knife, and pinched by fingernails. 156. I also like to spread the glue on one hand,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, wait for it to dry slowly, and then peel off a layer of skin. 157. When we were in the third grade, there were two things that were popular in our class: one was that it was popular among a small group of girls to write ancient poems, usually five-character quatrains, such as: a beautiful woman is in her prime, beautiful as a flower. The main advocates were Leia and me, and I didn't expect that the two of us, who had a quarrel,push button toilet flush valve, could reach a consensus on this matter. 158. Another thing is to steal things, from the bread of the canteen and the turnips of the old woman outside. This is what happens in our whole range, and we call this behavior "seeking" without a teacher. For example, we go to the canteen to find some sour plum powder. 159. Our head teacher, who was exasperated to correct our behavior, also expressed some admiration for our intelligence and writing ability. She was also a Chinese teacher. 160. I once looked at a two-yuan note and a few coins on the cabinet of Tang Waer's house. "Looking" or "not looking" is a question. 161. In the end, I didn't do it. Good triumphed over evil. 162. When I didn't get the red scarf, my mind was full of fantasies about it. First of all, it is the blood of the martyrs dyed: a martyr, aimed at a row of white triangular cloth, pose "--!" " A knife, the bright red blood on the cloth, immediately dyed red; "pounce-!" Go forward a little, another knife comes, and the other one is dyed red. In this way, the martyr threw a lot of knives, dyed all the white triangular cloth, Time Delay Tap ,Prison toilet for sale, and he fell down bravely. 163. I once made a red scarf by myself, but it was not seen by the students on duty, but my mother was looking for her red underwear for several days. 164. When I went home with Yang Xiuting, she bought a five-cent turnip at the stall. My mouth was watering, but she said, "You don't eat it!"! I said, um. On the day I graduated from primary school, I bought 50 cents of kohlrabi and ate enough. 165. There are two old men selling turnips at the school gate, one is fat and the other is thin, and their hair is gray. The two of them are sitting at an intersection, competitors, ignoring each other, equivalent to KFC and McDonald's. However, the thin old man can not sell the fat old man, because the fat old man's home is at the school gate, she has fresh things, what is missing immediately back to take, and the taste is better. Sometimes, when she didn't come out, I found the fat old man's house, handed him three cents, and shouted loudly: "Mother-in-law!"! Kohlrabi! 166. Fat old man's kohlrabi is so delicious! Some are cut into shreds, mixed with red oil, with MSG and sesame; and some are cut into small cubes, with bamboo sticks through them and soaked in chili sauce tubes, which are more expensive, five cents a bunch. We can't eat enough! Many students, including me, have bought a lump of turnips in the market, and then go home to mix them by themselves, which is not as delicious as the fat old man's cooking! 167. Thin old children also have a unique: pea cream! Eat it while it's hot! So she only does a little every day, afraid of being bad, and seldom can she buy it. 168. My father went out to drive, and I was so happy! It's about to turn upside down, and my footprints are all over the ceiling! When eating, I put the bowl on the bed beside the wall, then stand upside down, head down, feet up against the wall, then hold the bowl in one hand and dig the rice in the other hand. As a result, I can't swallow it. All the rice is bulging in my mouth, like a frog. 169. To fill in the opposite of "comfortable", Wang Xiangli actually filled in "hungry". 170. It is suspected that the Milky Way falls for nine days, and it takes nine days to fall from the top to the bottom of the Milky Way. 171. Stole a handful of nickels from my mother, held them nervously in her hands, and counted them as she walked, one, two, three, five.. Bang! A group of people bumped into the telephone pole, and I stroked the telephone pole: it doesn't hurt! It doesn't hurt! The bag is scattered! Then count as you walk, 5 points,Concealed Flush Valve, 8 points, one corner, one corner.. Grade 3 (2). cnkexin.com