"I'm going to light the fire and gather the people nearby. If the Mongol soldiers really come over, we'll play against them for a while.". At least hold out until reinforcements arrive! Lin Sanhong volunteered to light the fireworks used as a signal, but Guo Weilie grabbed him and said, "Master, it's no longer necessary. The small flag commander not far away has noticed the unusual situation in the distance. He lit the fireworks on time to contact the people around him and let them rush to reinforce him!"! Guo Fulie shouted: "The owner had better go to find a few fast horses, the more the better, in case of emergency.". Wu Laoliu, Wu Shanlin, you meteor horses come with me, the others first find a place to protect the owner, I take a few popular horses to see the situation! There are also many officers and soldiers on the grain storage point, these soldiers who have realized that the situation has changed hurriedly moved to refuse horses, stop cars and other simple equipment, quickly distribute weapons, prepared for the worst. The atmosphere suddenly became tense! Guo Jie lie early with four have not yet fully practiced the meteor horse splash general gallop out, blink of an eye to disappear in the already gradually become drowsy in the twilight. People who have not been on the battlefield can not imagine how powerful the army is, nor can they feel the pressure. No matter how wise and decisive a person is, he is facing this situation for the first time. I have no idea. Compared with the recruits who have never seen blood, the veterans who have rolled out of the dead have advantages not only in combat experience, but also in their mentality and determination in the face of crisis. In this respect, Guo Jilie undoubtedly did a good job, that is,pipe fittings manufacturer, those who usually eat and drink with Lin Sanhong left sentry officers and soldiers, but also much better than Lin Sanhong. At least they know how to set up a simple formation. Crazy call for help. At this time, Lin Sanhong seemed a little flustered. How many men does it take to stir up the clouds of war? All of a sudden, the leisurely warehouseman will face a bloody scene of fighting, and those who have never seen such a situation will panic, which is related to courage! Perhaps because of the origin of the hunter, perhaps because of Kuo sister training well, as Lin Sanhong's pro guard,38 tube fitting, Wu camp of this dozen people behave quite organized, in the first time gathered dozens of horses to come over, at the same time open the warehouse, take out all kinds of weapons and what they need, This time, Lin Sanhong really saw the war cloud, in fact, this is not the war cloud. The significance of the war cloud lies in the early discovery of the enemy's situation, although the enemy is still invisible. But anyone who is a little alert can be very sensitive to the slight tremor of the ground, the distant touch of what Guo Jilie called the war cloud is actually very clear, from a group of slightly dazed light into a large gray color, it is clear that a large number of people and horses Wade up the dust covered the sky.. If you find out at this time. Completely on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the door God was posted half a month earlier and later! Come to think of it, several grain storage points nearby have also discovered the enemy's situation, and there have been several fires as far as the eye can see, 38 needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, which are very obvious in the dusk. Looking around, the officers and men were busy but not disorderly preparing for the battle. Lin Sanhong felt a little calmer and hurriedly greeted the crowd: "Don't panic, and don't be disorderly. Prepare swords, guns, and arrows.". Take cover and prepare for battle. Time passed little by little in the anxiety and uneasiness of the people, in fact, it did not take much time, but the people felt as long as a whole day. In the distance, several fast horses galloped like arrows from the bowstring. Guo Jilie curled up behind the horse's neck and ran all the way with several meteor scouts under her. Without waiting for the crowd to ask questions, Guo Xilie began to shout loudly: "Brothers, get out of the way. It's a large group of Mongolian people. Get out of the way. You can't fight." The head of the small flag, who was in charge of guarding the warehouse, also ran over and grabbed Guo Jilie and asked, "How many people are there, Yaozi?" The name "Kite" seemed to awaken Guo Shilie's fighting spirit, which made the man feel hot in his heart: I am a kite. I have been a kite for decades, and now I am back! "Mongol cavalry in the front, behind must be mixed step riding, because the posture is too big, dare not get too close, only had time to take a look.". Ten thousand people can't be bad. The kites in the army may not be the most effective, but their detection ability is undoubtedly the highest, especially the old kites like Guo Jilie. Although it is not an accurate number to say that there are ten thousand people, it may be less than ten thousand, and the exact number of more than ten thousand is not important. Because whether it is eight thousand or ten thousand, these officers and soldiers of this small grain depot can not resist. As soon as they heard the number, there was a "buzz" in everyone's head. The tremor from the feet was already obvious, and the gray dust in the distance had turned into a black line. If you look carefully, you can still see the sharp point on the Mongolian flagpole. If you play, but certainly, so little people want to block the wind and lightning to kill the general Mongolian fighters, is a fool's dream, even if it is the rebirth of Zhuge Sun Wu. There is no way to deal with this situation. Run? The small flag chief and others are also veterans who have rolled on the tip of a knife several times and know the strictness of military law. Military law is military law, never ask what is right or wrong, there is no reason to say, which one is punished according to the corresponding rules. If you want to reason with the officers above and say, "There are too many enemies, and fighting in the past is to die," you don't have to say anything, and your head will come down. Military orders tell you to stay here. Even if the sky collapses, we have to defend it. No matter what happens, even if you die, you can't die elsewhere, otherwise you will violate the military law and lose your head. If you fight, you must be crushed into powder by the Mongolian army, and even a whole corpse will not fall. It's also not easy to run. Military law is to cut off the head to move, but also to fall the reputation of deserters, dead even a pension silver can not get. Even if the main force of the Northern Expeditionary Army can come and fight with the Mongolian troops, it is also after their death,needle valve manufacturer, it must be invisible. This is a dead end, no matter how to do is dead. And the only one who can solve this dead end is the third-grade official in front of him who has no power. Lin Sanhong, who used to eat meat and chat with everyone. chinaroke.com