Lin Feng stopped Dimos with a wave of her hand. She looked up at the sky and said coldly, "Lin Aotian, Dou Shuizi Huo refines ten thousand demons. I want forty pills of elixir that can make people break through to the king level!" "Boom!" Lin Feng's voice just fell, suddenly the surrounding space will quickly change up, a tripod furnace, Dou rate Eight Diagrams furnace immediately emerged in the public's line of sight, the forty king level together with an emperor level together into the Eight Diagrams furnace. Dou rate purple Huo will burn up in an instant! The more than forty strong men, before they had time to react, saw the magic shield on their bodies burning with a sound, and then the Huo flame quickly spread to their bodies. But in the blink of an eye, the purple Huo flame fell on them. Immediately, there was a shrill scream from the whole Eight Diagrams furnace, which was different from Lin Feng's previous use. It came up with a burning face without any dregs left, but Wen Huo burned slowly, forging a little bit to remove impurities, and then refined all the essence into elixirs. This process is very slow, but also particularly painful! Countless black gas is constantly escaping from their bodies, which is the first step in human alchemy. The impurities in their bodies, if changed in peacetime, are absolutely a great opportunity. You should know that once a person's meridians and bones are shaped, it is extremely difficult to change them. Unless you take the treasures of heaven and earth, or practice the unique skills to take good care of yourself slowly, otherwise, no matter how you practice, your achievements will not be greatly improved. The meridians are only in adolescence at the stage of expansion. However, at this moment, the Eight Diagrams Furnace is abruptly changing a person's meridian skeleton, washing away all the lead, but also reshaping the meridians, their aptitude can be said to be one in a million,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, good can not be better. But, unfortunately, it is only used for alchemy! Purple Huo suddenly flourished, and the spirit of heaven and earth was poured into the Eight Diagrams Furnace crazily. The flesh and blood of these strong people, fighting spirit, and all the essence of the body were refined little by little and then converged in one direction little by little. About ten minutes later, everything disappeared, leaving only forty elixirs, each of which was enough to raise a man to the level of a king. Fu Tianlang gawked at the scene in front of him, and could not imagine that Lin Feng could cause such consequences, really rescued everyone, and it was so easy. You take this! As he spoke, Lin Feng did not wait for Fu Tianlang to react, and a pill was thrown into his mouth. Mmm! Fu Tianlang's pupils contracted violently, and he immediately felt that the elixir had turned into a terrible drug, driving the fighting spirit in his body to run crazily. Boom! The fighting spirit in the drug mixture rushed straight to his brain. At this moment, Nail machine manufacturer ,nail manufacturing machine, Fu Tianlang felt as if his brain had been opened by something. It seemed that he had opened a door. At this moment, his mental strength began to grow crazily with a terrible and extreme degree. Not only that, but also the fighting spirit in the body began to swell with a terrible degree. This is a breakthrough in the separation between heaven and man! Fu Tianlang felt his power in disbelief. You take these pills, take the wooden war and leave them quickly, and give them these pills to take! Lin Feng threw the rest of the elixir to Fu Tianlang and said lightly, "I'll take care of the rest!" "The rest?" Fu Tianlang couldn't help but be slightly stupefied. There are so many of us today. Do you think the exhibitors will give up? Lin Feng restrained the smile on her face. Once I leave, the people of the exhibition family will never give up, and even the first object of anger is you! Lin Feng looked at Fu Tianlang: "You do not have enough self-protection ability, destroy you, for the exhibition, it is not difficult.". In that case, then kill, kill each other afraid, let them know my fierce, everything, to use strength to explain, I want to let them know, move you, my revenge is absolutely not they can afford! Fu Tianlang couldn't help being slightly stupefied. Lin Feng opened his mouth coldly and said, "Let's go!"! The next battle is not what you can afford! | Provide works such as hand-typed text version of the latest chapter first, txt e-book format free download. [Chapter 0160 of the main text shows the white of the curtain.] Chapter o16o show white! Time goes by little by little! Lin Feng sat on the ruins of Yulan City, waiting for the arrival of the exhibition family. Fu Tianlang left soon. Finally, a sound of breaking through the air came, and then five powerful strong men came to the sky of Magnolia City. Suck! Five people could not help but gasp, eyes fell on Lin Feng five people at the same time. You're here at last, but unfortunately, none of you survived! Lin Feng looked up at the five figures in the sky and said in a cold tone. I have to say, you are the boldest person in thousands of years! As he spoke, the middle-aged man stood out from the crowd with an amazing momentum. Are you very bold? Lin Feng shrugged her shoulders and said, "That's big!" "Boy, do you know, today you killed our Tiansheng Palace people, in the future, our Tiansheng Palace revenge is not what you can afford, one day, all the people who have a relationship with you will disappear completely in this world because of you!" It was another middle-aged man who spoke, one sentence at a time, and at the same time there was a terrible momentum. So, I have no way out! I can only be wrong to the end! Lin Feng stood up and looked at the five people: "I don't want those who have something to do with me to die, so I have to fight, keep fighting, and then let you Tiansheng Palace know what will happen to the people around me!" Said, Lin Feng five fingers slightly open, red, black, white, green, yellow, five-color light in Lin Feng's palm rippling,Nail machine supplier, even if the five swords around Lin Feng slowly rotating: "Well, one person, this old thing to me to deal with!" 。 3shardware.com