She did not comply, said, no matter, anyway, you have agreed, you do not joke. The world is watching, so what? In the end, it is your son's word. If my father comes out, or if he doesn't come out until the last moment, you can say that you have found out that the collaboration was done by someone else and had nothing to do with me, and you will clear my name. I also have no way, I really want to find my father, even dream of it. Then, acting like a spoiled child and ingratiating, acting shamelessly and acting recklessly, he nodded. While nodding, he moved a little selfishness. If we do that, maybe. . It can solve his most troublesome problem during this period. 。 It just so happens that someone has a hard mouth and doesn't say anything, right? Maybe by putting on a show like this, you can force that person to talk. Do you know? "Third Sister, it's not that I shouldn't have promised her at the beginning, but that I shouldn't have been selfish without telling her." Ling Lan's voice was hoarse and his voice was in a trance. It was this selfishness that pushed her to despair. She frowned. "But I can't figure out how she knew her father was in our hands." "Yeah, I can't figure it out either." The first night she proposed to do so, the second day she was grounded, and the third day it happened. Obviously, the first night she did not know,plastic pallet crates, that is the second day, but that day, she was grounded, and how to know? These are not important, she knows after all, she is sad and desperate after all, he lost her after all, completely. He would never forget her heart-rending cry in the fire. Father, the daughter is not filial, the daughter has no eyes,plastic pallet crates, twice the wrong trust in men, only to end up so miserable today, the daughter has no face to face the people of Zhongyuan, no face to see the father, daughter is gone, take care of the father. In her memory, she has always been a strong woman. Even if once was deceived by the brocade string, even if once the family was broken, even if overnight from the noble princess into a humble woman who can not see the light, even if it is difficult and bitter, even after. Even after several life and death, she lived tenaciously, and she did not think of death. This time, she is so willing to die, that is how desperate to make such a decision? So unhesitating, so determined. So he did not give him the slightest chance, not even ask him, not even mention her father. The heart is dead, plastic pallet price ,drum spill pallet, isn't it? Only those whose hearts are dead will feel that everything is meaningless. He couldn't imagine how she felt when she learned all this. The relatives I want to find have always been in the hands of the people I love most. He did not know that the blow was devastating and fatal, he knew. But he always thought he could have the best of both worlds. People, is really a very strange thing, the truth spread out on others, seems to understand, but once it comes to their own, but never understand. Just like he looked at Ye Xuan, how can things in this world be both? But when he looked at himself, he could not see his unrepentance. Third Sister, maybe you're right. Yan Yan was stunned. "What?" "You said you should tell her everything." She was silent for a moment and shook her head gently. "No, she can't stand it either." This time and that time, of course, she would not tell the man in front of her. At the beginning, she proposed to tell the woman everything. Her purpose was to break them up. Of course, that was just the beginning. Peach blossoms, birds and flowers, midsummer has passed, this is the autumn weather, but here is like spring, the eyes are pleasant scenery. The woman sitting at the stone table under the peach tree, peeling the lychees in her hands, looked up at the hut and frowned slightly. The woman was more than thirty years old and forty years old. She was dressed in a plain robe. Although she had already passed the scene of youth, her features were still picturesque. Even though her mouth and nose were covered by a plain handkerchief of the same color as her clothes, it was still difficult to hide her beautiful appearance. Even the hands are the same as the young woman, thin and white jade. Under her skillful movements, the glittering and translucent litchi meat soon filled the small porcelain bowl on the stone table. She picked up the porcelain bowl and handed it to the mountain beast squatting at her feet. Go, send these to her. ” The mountain beast rubbed her feet, shook himself to his feet, opened his mouth to hold the porcelain bowl, and turned to the hut. It came out in a short time. The woman peeled off another lychee in her hand and stuffed it into her mouth from under the handkerchief. "How's it going?" She asked as she chewed? Has she eaten yet? Zhenshan Beast is not a human being, so naturally he will not answer. The woman sighed and stood up from the stone bench. All these years, thanks to this thing. At least she could talk to it often, otherwise, she would have forgotten that her mouth had other functions besides eating. The town mountain beast returned to its original seat, slowly lying down, lazily basking in the mottled sunshine of the flower forest, and the woman stepped into the hut. On the stone couch of the hut lay a woman, who was wrapped in bandages in many places, motionless, with her eyes open, but her eyes were empty and scattered, like a dead man, without a trace of life. Beside her, the porcelain bowl of fresh lychee meat was still full. Sure enough, I still don't eat. The woman sighed, shook her head, and went over. If you do that again, I really don't care if you live or die. This is a few days, has been so do not eat do not live, just like a living dead, and then go on like this, I am afraid it will become a real dead. She still remembered the day when the mountain beast dragged her into the island, and she really thought she was dead. The town mountain beast dragged her, and she opened her eyes without a trace of reaction. Words could not describe what he looked like at that time. Not to mention his ragged clothes, he was burned black everywhere and could not see his original color at all. His hair was also burned into curls, and his body was burned extensively. But strangely, one face was intact, although it was also stained by soot,plastic pallet manufacturer, but after she wiped it with clean water, she showed a picturesque face. Looking at the woman's appearance, it was obvious that she had just experienced a fire. binpallet.com