Ye Xiaoxia did not continue to ask, because she had seen Shu Xiaoman standing outside the welfare home stretching his neck to look at her, that expression full of looking through the autumn water. Ye Xiaoxia suddenly felt his scalp numb. Shen Huan pinched Ye Xiaoxia's hand tightly and passed on her strength and warmth, hoping that she could ease her mood. Ye Xiaoxia raised his head, gave him a grateful smile, then took a deep breath and walked towards Shu Xiaoman. Shu Xiaoman finally saw Ye Xiaoxia and Shen Huan coming towards her. She waved to them and then trotted all the way to them. She sighed with an uneasy look: "Sister Xiaoxia, you should be careful." Then she looked at Shen Huan again, her face full of sadness: "Brother-in-law, you have to take care of yourself, but you can't be heroic..." Ye Xiaoxia gnashed his teeth at Shu Xiaoman's painful comfort: "Shu Xiaoman, if it weren't for your big mouth, would I need to take care now?" But Shu Xiaoman sighed, "Sister Xiaoxia, it's really not my big mouth this time.". I just think Dr. Sang is right. According to your character, if you continue to procrastinate, good things can also be dragged into bad things. It's better to pierce it early, whether it's a blessing or a curse. How can you know it's a bad thing if you die early and reincarnate early? What if the Dean finally agrees? Right Ye Xiaoxia raised her eyebrows. What she was interested in was not Shu Xiaoman's argument. She keenly heard a name that should not have appeared in Shu Xiaoman's words. Although she had already crossed the river with the mud Bodhisattva, she still said, "Mulberry pillow flow?"? When did you get to know Sang Zhenliu well? Shu Xiaoman suddenly blushed. She waved her hand and said, "I'm not very familiar with him. I've been to his clinic several times." When Ye Xiaoxia heard this,Nail machine manufacturer, she immediately grabbed Shu Xiaoman's shoulder and said earnestly, "Grain Buds, you can fall in love with anyone. Don't fall in love with that mulberry pillow. He is not suitable for you at all!" Shu Xiaoman rarely pouted, she did not agree with a snort: "I do not want to fall in love with him!"! Sister Xiaoxia, you are too desperate. Besides, I don't think there's anything wrong with Dr. Sang. You listen to me! Don't get too close to him, that kind of man is not something you can handle. "Sister Xiaoxia, what's the difference between you and the dean now?" Shu Xiaoman suddenly angry,iron nail machine, she turned to walk toward the distance, leaving Ye Xiaoxia standing in place, half a day can not say a word. Until Shen Huan put his arm around her shoulder and shook her gently: "All right, let's go." Only then did she sigh and follow Shen Huan toward the welfare home. Sure enough, President Wang was very angry, and the consequences were quite serious. Usually chattering very noisy in the welfare home, today unexpectedly not even a person, a gust of wind blew, made Ye Xiaoxia's hair stand on end. Finally, she saw Dean Wang sitting on a chair in the courtyard, and she called out with trepidation, "Dean." Wang did not answer her, she was greatly embarrassed, and then asked slowly: "Dean, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, where are the children?" "Go out to play!" Only then did President Wang say angrily. Then he raised his head and looked at the two men. He said quietly, "Xiaoxia, you should move back to live with me immediately.". And Shen Huan, after your foundation, you don't have to be so tired of being together, which will affect Xiaoxia's marriage. Shen Huan's face sank: "Teacher's wife, I didn't break up with Xiaoxia." However, you are not suitable to be a husband. If you are in love, Xiaoxia has already talked to you, so there is no need for you to continue to mix together. Is it not good for everyone to separate from each other and find something more suitable for themselves? President Wang stood up and looked at Shen Huan quietly. The years condensed into sharp vicissitudes in her eyes, which made her look superior and sacred. Shen Huan just quietly looked at President Wang, he has a calm face, but there is no intention to concede. As if the unbearable vicissitudes of life in President Wang's eyes were just passing clouds, he said softly: "Teacher's wife, I am not a master, you do not use your tragedy to measure Xiaoxia's future.". ” All the words of President Wang seemed to be choked in her throat at this moment. She stared and did not say a word for a long time. She could not deny that the young man, in the most direct way, had easily touched her sore spot. Ye Xiaoxia looked at President Wang like this, trembling in his heart, hurriedly shaking Shen Huan's hand, let him not continue to say, let him stop. But Shen Huan, and did not listen to Xiaoxia's tips, just quietly, continue to say. His voice was cold and quiet as usual, as if a drop of water had fallen from a high place in the empty courtyard, and the calm had been knocked out of the ripples. You think avoiding me is for Xiaoxia's good, just like you avoided Shifu at the beginning. You always think you're doing the right thing, but, in my opinion, you're just a coward. Shifu, for the sake of the life you want, from the underworld you despise, step by step, step by step forward, but you just hide in the corner and let resentment gnaw at your youth and time. In Shifu's progress, you have not made any efforts. You are just waiting to enjoy your success. You feel that Shifu owes you. But for so many years, when he is most helpless and hesitant, where are you? Shen Huan rarely said so many words, he gently exhaled: "Do you want Xiaoxia to become as cowardly as you now?"? No, you can't do that. Because Shen Huan is not Qin Madrigal, and Ye Xiaoxia is not Wang Ruoshu. We are all willing to take a step back for each other, which you can't do, and the master can't do. Because you have suffered for your cowardice all your life, do you also want us to bury your weakness? Even if you want to,Iron Nail Making Machine, I don't agree. President Wang's eyes were almost burning. She suddenly raised her hand and patted Shen Huan on the cheek. But she didn't want to be pinched by Shen Huan. He said calmly, "My face has only been hit by one person, and there will be no one else." 。 3shardware.com